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    An aspirational collegiate athlete, Ayden Hector has just graduated from high school. A standout student and varsity football defensive star at Eastside Catholic High School, Hector graduated in 2020 with honors following an impressive academic and athletic career.

    All-American Bowl Man of the Year nomination, a flurry of all-area and all-state honors, and a spot on ESPN's Top 300 Player list were some of the accolades Hector received during his senior year at Eastside High School.

    An Eastside High School student-athlete, Ayden Hector is also an active part of the local community. Since 2016, Hector has served as President of B.Box (Birthday Box), a student-led nonprofit committed to helping local homeless adolescents. To help the community's homeless youth, B.Box was the organization's president during his time in office.

    The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life and Tent City, which helps the destitute in the area, was also on Ayden Hector's plate during that time.

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